Work a summer job in Åland

Åland has hundreds of thousands of visitors during the summer. The sea is always close by, and most people come to enjoy swimming and boating in the beautiful archipelagic nature. You are needed here!

Thanks to tourism, Åland has a wide range of hotels, guest houses, holiday villages, camp grounds and guest harbours. There are also many restaurants, cafés, bars and shops that serve both summer guests and locals. In addition, there are companies and associations that rent bicycles and arrange excursions, golf, fishing and various other sports and training activities.

Some of the tourist companies are open all year round, others open for the high season. But no matter what, in summer, a real staff reinforcement is always needed to be able to offer the very best service to everyone.

Frequently asked questions about summer jobs

What kind of jobs are there?

Companies that provide accommodation as well as all restaurants and other food and drink establishments are major employers in the summer. They need workers such as chefs, waiters, dishwashers, cleaners and reception staff.
Shops need sales people and cashiers. Smaller tourism companies often look for versatile people who are ready to jump in where needed.

Summer substitutes are also important in a number of industries not directly focused on tourism, for example in healthcare. In Åland, in addition to a central hospital, there are both public and private health stations as well as municipalities that are in great need of summer staff.

Companies in the financial sector, such as banks and insurance companies, as well as companies in the media industry also offer summer jobs. In smaller companies, you often have to take on more responsibility, and many summer workers in Åland have gained valuable experience that, in the long run, has led to them being able to take new steps in their careers.

Where in Åland are the jobs? And at what time of year?

You will find most summer jobs in and around Mariehamn. But there are jobs all over most of Åland: in the countryside on the main island and on the archipelago islands east of it.

Most summer jobs start in June and end in August. But many employers appreciate it if you can start as early as April/May and stay until September/October. There are also short work stints just for a few weeks.

Discover Åland

Åland consists of a main island where Åland’s only city, Mariehamn, with just under 12,000 inhabitants, is located. On the main island, the distances are short. It is just over 40 km from south to north and slightly further from west to east.

To the east of the main island are several communities on their own islands. You can get to them with the smaller archipelago ferries—a small adventure in itself.

Does it make any difference where in Åland I choose to work?

Not really, but it can be good to know that in Mariehamn and the surrounding areas there is more life and action, and you are closer to shopping and entertainment. If you work on an archipelago island, you live in a smaller community with a smaller range but with a greater chance of more powerful nature experiences. If you want to get to Mariehamn, you can count on a combined ferry and bus/car journey of at least an hour. The sea, the rocks and all of the archipelagic nature, however, are close by wherever you are in Åland.

Where can I find a job to apply for?

You will find all summer jobs among the job announcements. Select Endast sommarjobb (Only summer jobs) and you will have many summer jobs to choose from (only in Swedish).

The list is continually updated, so feel free to check in often to see if there is something for you.

Search among the available jobs in Åland

You can also apply for a summer job in Åland through Nordjobb.
Here you will find more info about Nordjobb (in Swedish).

What qualifications are good to have?

For most jobs, it is an advantage if you have turned 18 years old.

Knowing several languages, apart from Swedish, which is the main language in Åland, is always good, as is having a driving license. 

In some industries, for example in healthcare and restaurants, it may also be an advantage or sometimes a requirement that you are studying or perhaps have already graduated in the field.

If you are looking for a job where you have to handle food in some form, you must have a hygiene passport. Åland’s vocational school regularly arranges six-hour courses, which end with a test before you get the passport. You can also only take the test if you think you already have the required knowledge.

An alcohol passport is a qualification to have if you are looking for a job at restaurants and cafés where alcoholic beverages are sold. You can take the exam to get the passport at Åland’s vocational school

Read more about courses for the hygiene passport and alcohol passport at Åland’s vocational school (in Swedish)

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