Other educational programs and courses

In addition to upper secondary school and college, there are many other opportunities for gaining knowledge, education, training or new skills in Åland. Here we have collected some examples.

Ålands folkhögskola

At Ålands Folkhögskola young persons and adults get an opportunity to undertake studies in subjects such as crafts, music, sports and media.

Courses and vocational skills

Åland Gymnasium offers vocational education and courses for those who already have an upper secondary school exam or have already worked for a few years.

Öppna högskolan

Öppna högskolan (Åland Open University), at the Åland University of Applied Sciences, Högskolan på Åland offers around 100 academic courses, lectures and seminars annually.

Ålands musikinstitut

The Music Institute of Åland offers courses in dance, song and instrumental music for children and adolescents.

Bild- och Formskolan

The Art and Design School is an art school that offers courses in creating activities for children and adolescents.


Medis offers many courses in different subjects, mostly in evenings and weekends.


Different courses in healthcare.

More information

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