The Right of Domicile

The rules concerning the right to own or be in possession of real property was introduced to ensure that the land would remain in the hands of the local population. It does not prevent people from settling in the Åland Islands.

Right of domicile is acquired at birth if it is possessed by either parent. Immigrants who have lived in Åland for five years and have an adequate knowledge of Swedish may apply for the status, provided they are Finnish citizens. The Åland Government can, occasionally, grant exemptions from the requirement of right of domicile for those wishing to acquire real property or conduct a business in Åland.

Those who have lived outside Åland for more than five years lose their right of domicile. Those who have right of domicile and moved to Åland before the age 12 are exempt from military service.

Right of domicile in Åland

Right of domicile in Åland is a requirement for the right to:

  • vote and stand for election in elections to the Parliament
  • own and or be in possession of real property in Åland
  • conduct a business in Åland.

Right of domicile is not required for buying a flat or building a house in a planned area.

At The Government of Åland’s website (Swedish) you can find more information about the right of domicile and how to apply for it