Mariehamn – a miniature capital

There is a lot more going on in Mariehamn than you first might think. Especially considering that the population is 11,500 people. 

A small town that will surprise you

Mariehamn is a vibrant and active town where surprisingly many different cultures, religions, and languages meet. The well-functioning shipping town established in 1861 offers all the services you could wish for and a wide range of culture, enjoyment, and activities.

At the same time the inhabitants can utilise the advantages of the small town. Distances are short; home, work, and leisure activities are close. You can easily walk or cycle to your destination, which is perfect for all those wishing to lead a greener lifestyle.

Also the decision paths between inhabitants and decision makers are short which makes it easier to participate in decision-making processes. Life here is simple and uncomplicated.

About Mariehamn (Swedish only)