Buy a home in Åland

When you move to Åland, you can buy a house or plot of land in a zoned area. Most areas are beautiful and close to nature, some with sea views and moorings. Another alternative is buying shares in a housing company and becoming a home-owner.

Most homes in Mariehamn are detached houses, and there are a few areas with apartment buildings. The multi-family houses are built on a small scale because buildings can only be a maximum of 3 stories tall. Detached houses are most common in rural areas as well.

Buying a house

If you want to buy a house in Åland, you have several options. Many municipalities have zoned residential areas, several of them with seaside locations. In a residential zone, you can, with a land acquisition permit, own your home even without right of domicile in Åland.

If, however, you want to buy a larger property, the requirement is, in principle, that you have a right of domicile. The right of domicile comes with a local citizenship. When you, as an immigrant, have lived in Åland continuously for at least five years and are a Finnish citizen, you have the opportunity to apply for a right of domicile in Åland.

Buy a company share apartment

In Åland, there is a relatively high supply of company share apartments. It is a form of housing where you own your own home, for example an apartment in an apartment building or a detached home, that is part of a housing company. You can always own shares in a housing company (company share apartment) even without a land acquisition permit or a right of domicile.

If you want to build your own home

For those who want to build their own house, the options are the same as for those who want to buy. This means that there is the opportunity to build without a right of domicile in zoned residential areas, in village centres or the like.

To buy land without a right of domicile, you must first apply for a land acquisition permit. When buying land for your own home, the Government of Åland generally grants a land acquisition permit, provided that you meet the conditions.