High on life – to do and see in Åland

The thousands of islands of the Åland archipelago offer endless experiences, everything from fishing and outdoor living to culture and sport.

The nature in Åland encourages motion and activities. Right outside your door await endless adventures for both children and adults. Everything from mountain biking in the forest and the countryside to kiteboarding on the beaches. Water freezes to ice in the winter offering perfect conditions for long distance skating. Interest in running, triathlon, and other extreme sports is growing constantly.

When you look on the map to see where Åland is situated you will understand the reason why.

Leisure time activities

The lively and colourful community life makes it easy to find new friends and leisure time activities. Active clubs express high interest in different sports, everything from football and sailing to curling and tennis.

Åland offers also a varied range of cultural activities and the practitioners are very much engaged. You will find like-minded people on Åland regardless if you are interested in choir singing or in art.