Work and career in Åland

Plenty of job opportunities for you in Åland. We need you and your competence.

The unemployment rate is low and we're looking for people with the right competence. There is a high demand for long-term personnel, especially in:

  • healthcare
  • IT
  • technology
  • law
  • banking
  • services
  • education
  • childcare.

During summer months the demand for personnel increases in hotel and restaurant branches. Also cobblers, bricklayers, and other craft professionals have great work opportunities.

The economy is lively and on the front edge

Work climate is perfect for creative jack-of-all-trades and the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. The society is small but still holds more than 2,600 successful businesses. Many of which are world leading in their field. Åland has the highest employment rate in Europe – 84.1 per cent. Unemployment rate is low, around 3.5 per cent.