Briefly about Åland

Åland has the most beautiful archipelago in the world and endless areas of untouched nature.

Living in Åland means that you get more time for life. You have 10 minutes to your career. 10 minutes to childcare and school. 10 minutes to leisure and activities. You can enjoy a life where island time rules.

Between Finland and Sweden

Åland is a region of Finland but the proximity to Sweden is evident in both culture and traditions. Classic Nordic dishes such as meatballs are just as much Swedish as Ålandic. The people in Åland speak Swedish and gladly watch Swedish television.

Maritime climate

The environment varies from barren cliffs in the outer archipelago to forests and fertile farmland on the main island. Åland experiences a typically maritime climate with relatively mild winters, chilly springs, normal summers, and somewhat warmer autumns. It is the island nation that has the most sunshine hours during the summer months in Norden.

Country roads are red; the colour of the soil is due to red granite. Here are no train connections or underground traffic. Instead, where the roads end the journey continues on a ferry to the islands in the archipelago.