Housing for students

Here we present some of the landlords in Åland who offer affordable apartments for students.

In Åland and Mariehamn, the distances are short. Often you can walk or cycle between your home and school, or take a short tour by bus.

Strandnäs Hotel

Strandnäs hotel offers housing for students. The apartments are one-size-old, 21 - 23 m2, either furnished or unfurnished. The rent is 405-480 euros/month and depends on the furniture's wishes. The rent includes heating, water and utility. Can be booked for longer or shorter periods of time. Contact Strandnäs hotel info@strandnashotell.ax or +358 457 575 9153.

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Marstad offers housing for students over the age of 18 at Bikupan. The property was built in 2000 and the public areas include TV rooms, shared kitchen with dining area, laundry room, drying room and sauna. Each room has a bed, nightstand, desk and chair, bookshelf and a small dining table with chairs.

Contact details Marstad:
info@marstad.ax, +358 18 531 860
times Monday - Friday 9-10 and 14-15

Apartment types:

  • 1r + mini kitchen - 363€ / room / mo
  • 2r + mini kitchen - 311 - 348€ / room / mo
  • 2r + kitchen - 553€ / room / mo
  • 2r + kitchen - 343€ / room / mo
  • 3r + kitchen - 332€ / room / mo

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Marstad also offers other homes around Mariehamn. See the full range.

In order to apply for housing with Marstad, you need to stand in the housing queue. Click here to fill out an application!

Find a private landlord

If you want to find a private landlord, we recommend you to join the Facebook group Bostäder in Åland (in Swedish). There are many posts from individual landlords offering housing. You can also make your own calls in the group.

Otherwise, use the local newspapers to search for accommodation. It is free to advertise under Desired rent in the private ads of local newspapers, which you can find on www.marknaden.ax and www.torget.ax