Distances are short not only inside Åland but also between Åland and the world.

Åland is situated midway between the capitals Stockholm and Helsinki and has good connections to both. The comfortable ferry trip to Sweden takes two hours and to Finland five hours. The tax-free based ferry traffic to Åland makes the ticket prices much more profitable.

To and from Åland

The connections allow you to travel to the nearby city regions in the morning, and return to Åland the same evening. Flights to Stockholm, Helsinki or Turku take less than an hour.

Public transportation

It is also easy to travel within Åland. You can get to and from Mariehamn by bus and/or archipelago ferry every weekday, regardless of which municipality in Åland you live in. The bus lines basically follow the main roads to Mariehamn. Both the bus and ferry timetables are adapted to the working hours of those who live in the countryside or in the archipelago and work in the city.

City buses

The Mariehamn buses run frequently every weekday (Monday–Friday). The fee is 2 euros, regardless of the route. It costs 1 euro for children under 12, and children under 6 travel for free.