Culture and entertainment

Culture is alive in Åland. The possibilities are endless for both the crowd and the active practitioners.

Festivals and concerts

Several music festivals, concerts, and assemblies are organised every year, all from organ festivals to rock concerts. Even if the selection is widest during the tourist season, the music sounds all year round. 

History, art and theatre

Åland has many museums, from small farm museums on the countryside to the Åland Museum in Mariehamn, and the world-renowned Åland Maritime Museum that narrates how prosperity was built up in the beginning of 19th century.

Art is important for the people of Åland; there are several galleries but also many active artists that gladly welcome guests to their studios.

People also visit the theatre regularly. In summertime several historical plays and even open-air theatre is performing. Also amateur theatre is active with many participants.

Åland's lively culture

Mariehamn State Library is one of the town’s most beautiful modern structures both inside and outside. It goes in for culture in form of books, newspapers, internet, performances, and seminaries. The Mariehamn Literature Days in March are a Nordic cultural event that becomes more and more recognised. Poetry Slam is another one. Alandica, the large house of culture and congress, opened its doors in spring 2009.

Arts and crafts tradition is very much alive in Åland and all around Åland artists and designers are inspired by Ålandic traditions combined with modern creations. Ålands artisans and designers have enjoyed big success. Maybe after participating in one of the many arts and crafts courses in Åland you can become one of them.

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Is there entertainment in Åland in the winter? Of course! Not as intensive as in the middle of July of course, but still much more active than in other regions of similar size.

In the evenings there is entertainment for everyone far into the night. Mariehamn has plenty of bars, pubs, and night clubs. The centre of town has dancing floors for all tastes. The next place is always just a small stroll away, and you can easily go from place to place until you find your favourite one.

You can go to the theatre, see shows and concerts, or visit one of the great restaurants. In summer the night life matches a big city with lots of music and entertainment events.