Office hotel

Even if you work remotely, it is nice to have a workplace to go to.  You can solve this by renting office space in an office hotel.

Office hotels on Åland's main island 

In or near Mariehamn, there are several options for renting an office.

Offices in Mariehamn

Alandia Trade Center
Torggatan 4, Mariehamn. (in Swedish)

Kontorshotellet 7:an
Östra Esplanadgatan 7, Mariehamn
More info via Mäklarhuset Åland (in Swedish)

Östra Esplanadgatan 7, Mariehamn

Elverksgatan 10, Mariehamn

10 minutes from Mariehamn

Blomstringevägen 12, Jomala (in Swedish)

Rent an office in the archipelago

It is also possible to rent your own office if you work remotely from Åland’s archipelago municipalities.


Among Föglö’s municipal offices, there are two remote workplaces upstairs for rent by the hour or day. Föglö also has a vacant office space that can be rented by the month.

Read about more remote working places at


The municipal office has the opportunity to host temporary remote workers.

If you want to live temporarily on Kumlinge and work remotely, you can also rent an apartment through FAB Småtalls. A furnished two-room apartment with a kitchen costs about 400 euros + electricity.

Contact Kumlinge Municipality for more information about remote working spaces


Kökar offers a variety of solutions and places for those who want to work remotely. You can choose whether you want to work alone or in the company of other people. An open-plan office complex is also underway.

Send an email to Madelene Ahlgren-Fagerström at Kökar Municipality for more information about remote working spaces


On Sottunga, there are rooms for rent for remote workers at the school, at the municipal office or in the municipality’s apartments, where there is also the possibility of fibre-optic internet.

Send an email to Kennet Lundström at Sottunga Municipality for more information about remote working spaces