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Healthcare Jobs

Åland’s Public Healthcare Service (ÅHS) is one of Åland's biggest employers. The highly competent organization provides services of approximately 80 doctors, over 350 nurses and other health care professionals together with dentists, therapists, specialized personnel and service staff.

Over 800 employees and a large number of temporary staff ensure that the islanders (and the tourists in the summertime) can feel safe and be sure that they are offered professional help in case of illness or accident.

Due to practical reasons, the service units are concentrated in Mariehamn where the central hospital, health care centre, and geriatrics, dental and psychiatric clinics are located. The health care centre in Godby is situated approximately 15 km from Mariehamn.

In addition, there is public healthcare service with child and maternity care, school health care, home health care and doctor’s consultation available in most municipalities. The residents in the archipelago municipalities can call a helicopter for emergency transports.

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Careers in healthcare in Åland

Åland’s Public Healthcare Service is a relatively small unit compared to many other health care organizations. Everybody knows everybody and consultations between the different staff units are conducted smoothly and the atmosphere is familiar.

The employer (The Government of Åland) and the professional associations negotiate their own collective agreement that is adapted to the local terms and conditions. The agreements are in many respects more favourable to employees than the corresponding agreements on the mainland of Finland. The working hours are generally shorter in Åland than in Sweden.

ÅHS offers different types of sports and recreation vouchers to the employees, such as massage, swimming, skiing, yoga, fitness classes and more. Åland’s Public Healthcare Service can assist new employees to find accommodation if needed.

Åland’s Public Healthcare Service is in constant need of professional staff, e.g. physicians and nurses.

Living in Åland

ÅHS offers a secure job with peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

There is also a wide range of activities available, everything from golf, sailing, Nordic skating and swimming to modern gym facilities, to name a few. The possibilities are almost limitless. In addition, Stockholm is only three hours away. You can leave for Stockholm in the morning and get back home in the evening.

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Åland’s Public Healthcare Service (ÅHS)
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