Brudhäll is an international workplace in the archipelago

Directly adjacent to the bridge edge, Natalie Björk and Valters Rozentals run Brudhäll, a hotel with a restaurant and guest harbour in Åland’s southernmost archipelago municipality, Kökar. Here, boaters, happy holidaymakers, locals and staff enjoy good service and happy fellowship.

- One of my main goals is that Brudhäll should be a nice place to work. We work consciously on that and are lucky, a large part of our group comes back year after year and stays for several seasons, says Natalie Björk.

- They think that the location and the hotel are absolutely fantastic and appreciate that Brudhäll is a workplace with colleagues from so many different countries.

Motivation and experience

The hotel is open all year round and has four employees in addition to Natalie and Valters during the low season. During the high season, the need for staff increases by an additional 30 summer employees, and they are looking for everything from chefs and kitchen assistants to bartenders, waiters and cleaners.

- We prioritise experience, but in the hotel and restaurant industry, an eye for work and motivation is still the most important thing, you can learn the rest. The need for experience with different positions also varies. 

Interesting mix

Natalie says that most people who come to Brudhäll to work like to travel themselves. For them, it is both inspiring and fun to work on an international team. 

- With us, you become familiar with different cultures and you get to take part in others’ traditions and experiences. I come from Ostrobothnia in Finland myself, while Valters is from Riga in Latvia and our sous chef is from Belgrade in Serbia. We also have a Dutch guy who started last summer and has now moved to Kökar with his Finnish girlfriend – and I recently recruited a couple from Portugal with many years of experience in serving.
The couple from Portugal are in Lapland doing seasonal work during the winter but want to continue working in Finland in the summer. 

- They come for a long season between May and September, and it is great for us to have staff who stay that long. Usually, seasonal staff can only stay for two or three months.

At least English 

Language skills in Swedish, Finnish and English are a plus, but since a few seasons back, Brudhäll also has serving staff who only speak English. So far it has worked well.
- These days, most guests know English and are already used to receiving service in English. In addition, our staff is so friendly, meticulous and skilled that it outweighs everything else. 

There are also always staff on site who can take over in Swedish or Finnish if needed. 
- Finnish in particular is important to us because we have many guests from Finland, who sometimes do not speak anything other than Finnish.

Apply today!

Recruitment for the high season takes place mainly from January to March, but Natalie encourages all interested parties to get in touch at any time during the year. You can also keep an eye out for job advertisements on,, Nordjobb, and EURES, and follow Brudhäll on Facebook. And you do not have to worry about the accommodation, Brudhäll will help arrange that.

- Join our team on Kökar in Åland’s outer archipelago, where work meets fun!