Work with children in Åland

Let a day care centre in Åland be your next workplace! Here you will become an important part of a small group. You and your co-workers will have varying tasks and everyone has to take a lot of responsibility.

In the childcare sector in Åland, you get to work with small groups of children in a developing environment. Small groups mean that staff, children and parents are all seen. The small scale also facilitates contact between the world of children and that of adults. It provides both big and small opportunities for influence.

The smallness is appreciated

Åland is a small-scale society and the investment in high-quality childcare and schools with small groups and classes has long been a top priority. Smallness attracts commitment and you become an important person in the children’s and parents’ everyday lives.

Well-equipped day care centres and schools can be found all over Åland. In Mariehamn alone, Åland’s only city with 11,500 inhabitants, there are about ten day care centres.

Play is important

Day care centres can have different focuses, but being outdoors is always highly valued. The children get to play in substantial play yards with outdoor toys, swings and climbing frames.

In addition, nature is all around, and it provides for many fun adventures.

Nutritious food is important

Åland’s day care centres serve good and nutritious food. It is important to have varied and nutritious food prepared from scratch.

Day care centres in Åland serve breakfast, lunch and snack every day. For lunch, the kitchen prepares varied home-cooked meals, preferably from organic and locally produced ingredients. At least once a week, fish and vegetarian dishes are on the menu. Vegetables and fruit are always available, and many day care centres bake their own bread.

Short distances make excursions possible

The distances in Åland are always short. It is easy for day care centres to visit a farm, experience music or the theatre or enjoy another kind of exciting event.