Foreign-registered cars

The rules that apply to those who drive a car registered abroad in Åland depend on why you visit Finland with your vehicle.

Moving a vehicle to Åland

If you plan to settle permanently in Åland, you need to have your vehicle inspected, register the vehicle and pay tax on your vehicle in Finland.

More information about importing vehicles as well as driving licenses and other useful things to know for those who move to Åland can be found at these links:

For registration in Åland, special rules apply, which you can read more about at -> Bringing vehicles to Åland


Temporary use of vehicles in Finland

You may use a vehicle that is registered in another Nordic country as a so-called tourist vehicle if you:

  • are a citizen of another Nordic country
  • stay for less than 12 months in Finland.

Please note! The permit is valid for a maximum period of six months, but you can apply for an extension of the validity period.

More information about temporary tax-exempt vehicle use by a person permanently residing abroad can be obtained from the Finnish Tax Administration and


There are situations in which a person permanently living in Finland has the right to temporarily use a foreign-registered vehicle without paying tax. Visit the Finnish Tax Administration for more information:

Read more about temporary tax-free use at

No registration is required for holiday trips and other situations that call for temporary use of a foreign-registered vehicle in Åland. Further, you do not have to pay any tax if you meet certain conditions.