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Welcome to visit Åland

Welcome to Åland 2019!

For you who are planning to visit Åland in 2019 - we offer you some activities.

Choose from the activities below. We will do our best to arrange a perfect visitors programme for your stay.

Or just send us a mail info@alandliving.ax.

Specify what field you are interested in
Specify your personal preferences. We accommodate your requests as far as possible.

Please note that all activities start in Mariehamn


Enter your first and last name
Specify the names and ages of your traveling companions
When will you arrive in Åland? When do you leave? Please, specify the dates.

Registration deadline: 3 weeks = send us your requests at least three weeks before your visit

Each one pays his own travel and accommodation.

Questions? Please, contact us info@alandliving.ax

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