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Geert de Wekker

Geert de Wekker, mediamanagement student from Nova College, Haarlem, The Netherlands

”Aland is for me, that small island where I can live on my own and be the person who I want to be without someone to criticize me on my deeds. Everybody is friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my stay very much in the outdoor. The open nature gave me great pleasure in finding peace and inner strength when I needed it.

I worked 4 months for Aland University of Applied Sciences, creating educational videos and content for the school, their classes and as promotional work.
I worked close with a communication and language teacher who taught me a lot during my internship there and provided a joyful stay for me.

My teacher at Nova College in Haarlem, The Netherlands, asked me if I wanted to go to Aland, Finland for an internship? I had no idea where Aland was but I said yes to go without hesitation. Finland is a country that you want to go to in your life, it teaches you independence and new insight in your own life. Aland provided that for me.”

Stay at Mariehamn, Aland: February – May

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