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Housekeeper/Room attendants

Welcome to Havsvidden Resort - a place where the sky meets the sea!

Havsvidden is a four-star resort located in northern Åland. It is a very unique hotel surrounded by nothing but amazing natural landscapes. Our guests come for the whole Havsvidden experience. They spend most of their time at the resort, which includes a spa, a restaurant, a harbour, a gym, cliff houses and hotel rooms. This means we need to maintain a high standard throughout the resort, all the way from our luxury cliff houses to everything that goes on a plate in the restaurant. Now we are hiring Housekeeper/Room attendants for seasonal employment. Essential functions, requirements and qualifications:

- Efficiently and effectively clean hotel rooms, cliff houses and other general hotel areas.

- Ability to work well independently but also as a member of a team and follow deadlines.

- Problem solving capability and ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

- Ability to communicate clearly, be positive, polite and cooperative with co-workers, managers and customers.

- You have previous housekeeping experience, are highly organized, a details person and have a passion for working in the hospitality industry.

- Drivers license preferred but not necessary. And most importantly: this job requires that you have a positive attitude, a commitment to give excellent customer service and being a team player! If this is something you are interested in, please apply now.

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according to collective agreement
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