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Learn Swedish

General courses in Swedish

Medis organises general courses in Swedish for immigrants. The general courses consist of lessons once or twice a week, often during the evenings, and are run at various levels. Places on these courses are first-come first-served. The courses are not free, students must pay the course fees and purchase the course book.

SFI – Swedish courses if you are unemployed

The SFI courses (Swedish for immigrants) are intensive full-time courses. Classes are held during day time, five days a week. The courses are free of charge and in order to qualify for the course you must live in Åland, have an FPA national health insurance card and be registered as a job seeker with Ams. You must be able to read and write the Latin alphabet. The courses are given at Medis, the Adult Education Centre in Mariehamn. Application forms are available from Medis.

Other Swedish classes

Medis also runs other Swedish courses, e.g. learning Swedish at work and learning Swedish without knowing the Latin alphabet.
Read more about Swedish courses by Medis

Teach yourself Swedish on-line

On the website Kotisuomessa you can teach yourself Swedish both for everyday situations and for worklife.

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